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Heart & Vascular Care

Altru’s Heart & Vascular Services offers comprehensive heart and vascular care at numerous convenient locations. As your health partner, our goal is to help you lead a healthy, enjoyable life. Our heart and 血管服务包括最先进的设备和手术室, 两个心导管实验室,一个电生理实验室和检查室 for echocardiography and stress testing.

A Leader in Heart and Vascular Care

我们一直被评为治疗心力衰竭最好的医院之一 care by U.S. News & World Report. The annual U.S. News Best Hospitals 排名表彰的是那些擅长治疗最具挑战性疾病的医院 patients. Altru’s Heart and Vascular Services continues to demonstrate 成功预防死亡、减少再入院和减少并发症.

Cardiology is located at Altru 1300 Columbia. Request an appointment through MyChart or for more information please call 701.780.6236.

How Patients Rank Us

Altru’s Heart & Vascular Services patients tell the story of our care better than any award. Here’s what our patients had to say about their cardiology experiences:

“I was so impressed with the care that I didn’t even want to go home.”
— Craig C.

“They saved my life, twice. I can’t say enough for what they’ve done.”
— Brad B.

“Everything must have run like clockwork, or I wouldn’t be here.”
— Mark H.

Is my heart healthy?
一半的成年人至少有一种心脏病的危险因素 you one of them? Find out by answering a few questions. Take the Quiz.


在奥特鲁,心脏病专家,心脏和血管外科医生,血管医学 专家,慢性伤口专家,介入放射科医生,护士, 治疗师,营养师,技术人员和支持专业人员的工作 协同提供全面和富有同情心的心脏和血管 care. Along with educating patients about heart attack prevention,我们的团队会根据您的需求制定个性化的治疗方案 lifestyle.

Our specialties include:

  • Specialized Heart Clinics -奥特鲁为您的心脏护理提供专业的心脏诊所 needs. 我们的心脏专家在节律管理诊所,电生理学 成人先天性心脏缺损门诊,抗凝血门诊, 心力衰竭成功诊所和结构性心脏诊所在这里提供帮助 you keep your heart healthy.
  • Adult Congenital Heart Defect Clinic -奥特鲁的心脏病学支持访问专家提供 一个成人先天性心脏缺陷诊所,每月一次,在哥伦比亚1300号. 有关成人先天性心脏缺陷诊所的更多信息,请致电 701.780.6236.
  • Anticoagulation Clinic -奥特鲁抗凝诊所提供特殊的抗凝治疗 治疗通过标准化的药物,监测方案和病人 education. Based on each patient's needs, Altru’s Anticoagulation 诊所将审查标准做法,教患者如何和何时 服用药物并提供其他任何实验室工作的信息 that may be needed. The Anticoagulation Clinic is located in our facility at Altru 1300 Columbia. For more information, call 701.780.6743.
  • Heart Failure Success Clinic - Altru’s Heart Failure Success Clinic 擅长治疗被诊断为充血性的病人 heart failure. Our multidisciplinary team determines an effective course 防止人们回到医院或急诊 room. 该综合诊所的重点是提高患者的质量 生活通过医疗、教育和支助服务. For more information, call 701.780.6236.
  • Structural Heart Clinic - Altru结构心脏诊所的提供者专门从事治疗 of structural conditions of the heart.
  • Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) Closure - An ASD is an opening between the heart’s two upper chambers. While 小洞并不总是需要修复,许多较大的自闭症患者可以 be “plugged” during a cardiac catheterization procedure. If ASD不能通过心导管,开胸手术来修复 surgery may be necessary.
  • Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) Closure 在出生前,每个胎儿的上腔之间都有一个自然的开口 大约75%的婴儿心脏的开口完全闭合 within the first few months after birth. If the hole doesn’t close 问题由此产生,它可以在心脏手术期间修复 catheterization or open-heart surgery.
  • Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) - TAVR 是对主动脉瓣狭窄患者的微创手术, or a narrowing of the valve. This procedure replaces the aortic valve without opening the chest.
  • WATCHMAN - WATCHMAN在一次性手术中放置的永久植入物可以安全地降低 a patient’s risk for stroke without a bleeding risk. After patients 有了守望者,他们就不再需要常规的血液检查了 对食物和饮料的限制通常与血液有关 thinner use.


如今,我们拥有一支由20多名供应商组成的团队,涵盖5个专业领域 aimed at comprehensive heart and vascular care.


奥特鲁的心脏病学服务拥有三个最先进的心脏 cath labs providing outpatient and inpatient cardiology care. Services 包括教育、诊断检查、治疗和干预.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

我们的心脏康复项目包括锻炼,教育 对心脏病恢复期患者进行风险因素调整 attack, stroke or cardiothoracic surgery.

Heart Surgery

奥特鲁的心胸外科团队擅长外科手术 for diseases of the heart. We offer a wide array of surgeries, including coronary artery bypass and valve repair or replacement.

Interventional Radiology

介入放射学专家进行微创手术 使用图像引导,提供可视化的路线图,以安全引导仪器 through the body.

Vascular Medicine

奥特鲁的血管医学评估涉及的循环障碍 blood flow to the brain, arms, hands, legs and feet. We also provide individualized treatment plans for chronic wounds.

Vascular Surgery

熟练的外科医生使用Altru的血管手术进行非侵入性手术 诊断测试,医学治疗,微创手术和 open surgeries, when necessary.

Altru’s Heart & Vascular Services are based in Grand Forks, with specialist outreach throughout the region.

如果您需要心脏或血管护理,请通过电话预约 MyChart.

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